If we want our work to change the world

we must first change the way we do our work


Welcome! I am so glad you are here.

To learn about Feminine Genius At Work.

And for my first ever Flash Sale (on my birthday)!

Feminine Genius if you haven’t been personally introduced yet is a state of self-trust, confidence, and vibrant aliveness.

Feminine Genius is the kind of fuel I want all of us to fill our tanks with so we can work and live and love  beautifully, meaningfully, and sustainably.

Feminine Genius At Work 

is an 8-module guided self-study program to help you

do life & work with less hustle and more flow. 

(More about each module in depth, below).

If you are currently unscathed by grind culture, by hustling, and go-go-go as a way of life, I’m thinking you don’t live on planet earth.

It’s damaging our bodies, our souls, our inspiration, and our motivation. Especially so for girls, women, and females.*

Hustle culture teaches us that using logic, planning, willpower, competition & productivity are the best tools for ‘success’ in life and work, and will get us to where we want to go.

And they work, to a degree.

But they often leave us worse off: burnt out, disillusioned & hating on ourselves.

Honestly, there’s no magic bullet for this complex issue …

... but I am throwing my hat in the ring with Feminine Genius At Work, to offer some powerful antidotes and better tools that will help you to:

  • Tune into and follow the clear, quiet voice of your inner knowing that will point you away from depletion and toward replenishment
  • Listen to your body’s unique signals so you can get clear, trust yourself, and make bold decisions, even in highly-stressful situations
  • Learn how to manage your energy (not just your time) so that you feel good amid the fullness of All The Things
  • Find a core of confidence within you that isn’t swayed by your mood or things going your way
  • Learn a series of effective practices that help you do work and life in a way that lights you up rather than burning you out

To be honest, I don’t usually love flash sales or the buying frenzy encouraged especially at this time of year. Which is why I’ve never offered one before.

And yet, I have quite appreciated a well-timed sale that allowed me to purchase something useful and needed/desired that would have been out of reach for me otherwise.

(Vitamix, I’m looking at you. New tires and that coaching course, you too.)


So the first-ever flash sale of Feminine Genius At Work is here for you!

It’s $299 through Monday, December 4
(normally $799)


“During a rock bottom of an abusive marriage, getting sick, suicidal, and going through two bankruptcies (two), I started following what I now know is my intuition (or my Feminine Genius).

Ten years on, I’ve totally given up what I call the ‘old boys way’ of doing things. I trust my Feminine Genius even (and especially) in situations where a lot of money, time, and well-being is at stake. My company has been debt free since the first month in operation, is currently valued at around half a billion dollars, and my life just keeps expanding.”

Suzy Batiz, Founder of Poo Pourri, valued at over $500 million dollars

Less grind, more grace.


Less struggle, more self-confidence.


Less hustle, more flow.

What if we didn’t have to run on fumes?

What if instead of burning us out, our work brightened our lights?

What if instead of so much struggle, we could feel the wind at our backs?


What if all we need to do is to back off on the ‘old’ tools of Masculine Genius and let Feminine Genius lead?


And what if we did it together?

I invite you to join me for…

Feminine Genius At Work is an eight-module self-study course where I will take you by the hand and walk you through how to do your work in the world from your Feminine Genius.

We’ll dive into the Feminine Genius Key Practices together, through:

  • Short training modules (read: low overwhelm!), like how to put pleasure before productivity, intuition before logic & how to ebb and flow vs. go-go-go 
  • Community support (of like-hearted women, including me, all devoted to bringing Feminine Genius into their lives & work)  
  • Action steps (and love taps) to keep you on this rule-bending and woman-affirming path

This course and community are designed to strengthen your Feminine Genius — without sacrificing any of your “get-it-done” Masculine Genius — so that you can do what you came here to do with a lot less effort & a lot more grace.

Just $299 through Monday, December 4

How the Feminine Genius At Work course rolls out

Each class is focused on one of the Key Feminine Genius Practices and concludes with a simple exercise to get you into action. In video, audio as well as transcript, so if you prefer to watch, listen, or read, I gotcha covered.

Here’s more about what’s waiting for you in each class:

Module 1

Appreciation before Fixing

This paradigm-shifting practice will help us transition out of flaw-finding, fear & worry. Expect to turn the volume down on self-criticism and up on self-confidence. 

Module 2

Intuition before Logic

We’ll practice finding & following the clear, quiet voice of our inner knowing. Refine and improve our intuition. Develop a confident trust in ourselves as we make simple and then higher-stakes decisions.

Module 3

Pleasure before Productivity

We’ll increase our productivity without putting in more hours. Feel more satisfaction about what we produce. Practice making even tedious tasks more enjoyable. Feel ease in our workdays and good in these bodies of ours.

Module 4

Ebb-and-Flow, not just Go-Go-Go

We’ll stop overriding our bodies. Practice a system of time-management that honors women’s ups and downs — for graceful scheduling, organization, and self-care. Spend less time digging out of downward spirals and more time feeling the wind at our back.

Module 5


Ever wish for a moment in the middle of a course to play catch up on any missed bits? Voila! This month is for us all to review. Rest. Digest. And get ready to roll again.


Module 6

Receiving before Giving

We’ll apply the antidote to the trap of overwork-overgive-overwhelm. Get clear about our unique value. Experience more of what we truly want without DOING more — and surprisingly have more to give.

Module 7

Devotion before Willpower

We’ll become motivated by something more powerful than fear. (Re)connect to our true WHY — the inspiring, energizing, sacred heart of our work. Practice showing up and speaking up, even when things get difficult.

Module 8

Put It All Together

‘Round the fire, with our community, we’ll recount our miracles and milestones. And we’ll celebrate goals that have been met — and surpassed. As women who now know how to work with Feminine Genius, we’ll powerfully plot the next legs of our journeys.

Feminine Genius At Work is thoughtfully spaced out over eight weeks.

Although you’ll have access to the whole course so you can go at your preferred pace, I’ll also guide you through the eight modules of Feminine Genius At Work by email (and texts, if you’d like).

As we go, if you wish, we can stay connected in The Deep End community via home-play prompts and discussions.

Here’s more about that community!


The Deep End Community

The Deep End Community is your home-sweet-home as you journey through the Feminine Genius At Work course.


It is where Feminine Genius COMES ALIVE.


This community is like a cauldron (so to speak) around which a group of incredible women gather — entrepreneurs & Olympic athletes, flower farmers & activists, coaches & artists, military members & mamas — all changing the way we do our work in the world.

In The Deep End Community, you’ll receive …

This is home base as you go through the Feminine Genius At Work course. A private Facebook group to connect with me and the other like-minded, like-hearted women.

It’s small enough group that you won’t get lost in the crowd.

And I’m really in there, responding to you, in it with you.

This is a sacred place to celebrate your wins, to get insight on your blind spots, and when you hit a pothole on your Feminine Genius path, to get a hand to help you across.

So that no matter how downtrodden you feel coming in, you feel clear-eyed and buoyant going back out into the world.

So we can all rise together as we do our work in the world.

Foundational Practices
You’ll also have access to a set of simple practices that I call Embodiment Meditations, for things like staying grounded even during conflict, transforming jealousy, stopping self-criticism, managing overwhelm, navigating intense emotions, and making the mundane pleasurable.

Access to a massive library of past classes & guest masterclasses
On topics such as an anger clinic, the difference between healthy and unhealthy cravings, how to be sensually embodied and still professional, and shifting the cycle of overwork so it doesn’t lead to burnout. 

Discounts on programs & 1:1 coaching
One of my ways of thanking you for being committed to community. And who doesn’t love to get a great discount??

Homemade cookies delivered still warm to your doorstep
(OK, no actual cookies, just the spirit of cookies. But yes on all the other stuff).

Two simple steps for joining us for Feminine Genius At Work

Step 1:  Pick a magenta-colored button above or below and click it.

You’ll get started with Feminine Genius At Work right away.

Step 2:  Thazzit!


Some women leading with Feminine Genius


“This “new way” of working is more powerful — and it’s where my magic lives.”

“For years I grew my business with drive and willpower, pummeling myself to stay on my edge. Then I looked around and saw other women who had a more relaxed way of leading and thought, ‘I want that!’

Post-Feminine Genius, my business is still growing but I am kinder to myself (and my team). I have clearer boundaries, and I have more pleasure and more space — which is like saying I have 20 times more money! I would never in a million years go back to the ‘old way’ of working.”

Anese Cavanaugh
Mama of 2 kids and 3 rescue dogs.
Creator of the IEP Method®. Author of Contagious Culture.
Rocklin, CA

“Instead of perpetual struggle, I feel at peace, exactly as I am.”

“Even as I’ve gone through hard times — periods of being broke, overweight, depressed, temporarily homeless — the practices of Feminine Genius helped me not just survive, but also to develop a loving relationship with myself and with life.

The change of orientation that Feminine Genius brings, changed everything for me. I never believed in a friendly universe and I do now. I no longer see myself as a project to fix. I don’t make myself smaller around other women. I feel safe, at peace, and I like myself, exactly as I am.”

Shadi Mogadime
Business Growth, Marketing & Sales Consultant for Mission-Driven Entrepreneurs
Toronto, Canada

“Working with Feminine Genius has been the best ROI ever!”

“I used to do business by following ‘the plan’ and doing what everyone else said to do. I built up companies twice, got sick and suicidal in the process, and went through two bankruptcies. Two.

But I got this zing in my body one day — what I now know is my intuition. For the first time, something felt good and right, so I followed it.

My company, Poo Pourri, has been debt free since our third week in business, profitable since the second month, and we’re now valued at 500-600 million dollars. My life is beyond anything I could have imagined. I didn’t dream this big. My dream growing up was to work at the local factory.

You can trust it, people, come on! Because what we’ve been doing hasn’t worked, so what do you have to lose?”

Suzy Batiz Evolutionary Entrepreneur / Founder, Poo Pourri
Part mother, part mermaid / Can tell a great poop joke
Dallas, TX

“I know how to work with my changing energy levels, emotions, and focus.”

“I had gotten really good at running a highly profitable business while ticking off the to-do-s and keeping my son’s naps on schedule, but it was causing fights and resentments with my husband.

Leading with Feminine Genius helped me understand how I work best as a woman with constantly changing energy levels and focus, and how to take my needs for me-time and simple pleasures, seriously. I now create my business and life to leave space for Angelina to fill up so that I have more to give to my family and my clients.

My business didn’t tank, my income even increased slightly. And, whereas before I was secretly worried, I now know that my marriage will last — beautifully.”

Angelina DeWeese Soul Purpose Business Coach
1 husband + 2 kids in a house by the sea
Monterey Bay, CA

Because when we work too much and for too long from the “old way” (aka Masculine Genius) this kind of crappy stuff happens…

  • When the going gets tough, we work harder.
  • We compare ourselves and come up short.
  • We get grumpy, tight, and (let’s be honest), we aren’t that inspiring to be around.
  • We copy what’s working well for so-and-so (and are puzzled why it doesn’t work for us).
  • We muddle through, in relative isolation.
  • We feel off-course, uninspired. Depressed. Tired. Meh.

But when you work in this “new way” and let yourself lead with Feminine Genius …

  • You like you. You enjoy being you. Quite a lot, in fact.
  • You know exactly where your magic lives, and you lead from there.
  • You follow your intuition, even when other people think you’re nuts.
  • There is more of you to bring to the folks you love so much. (And it’s a joy to be in your presence).
  • When things get dark and difficult, you’ve got other women to help you rise.
  • You smack your forehead as things fall into place with more ease, spaciousness – and even income – than you previously thought possible.

Leading with Feminine Genius is NOT about tossing out Masculine Genius. You obviously need it. It’s powerful, useful, and smart.


But let’s be honest. You’ve got that Masculine Genius stuff DOWN. Handled. In spades.


What you need is your Feminine Genius to grow strong — as strong as your Masculine Genius already is.


So that you can do your work in the world with less hustle and more flow, feeling the grace of the wind at your back.

More from women living, loving & leading with Feminine Genius

“LiYana is my guru and I’m not into gurus. She’s that good. Get her in your corner.”

“Out of a long history of self-doubt and working in the ‘old way,’ I found the clarity to leave my first marriage, and then found my way into an epic new love. I found the courage to make my way through unbelievably difficult heartbreak, and then to know when the right time was for me to have a baby. I’ve doubled, and then tripled my business while having energy left over for what’s next.

I know that my connection to my Feminine Genius and trust in ME is what makes it all work, and that connection is exactly what LiYana helped me uncover.”


Nisha Moodley
Women’s Leadership Coach / New mama
San Francisco, CA

“My work has been reignited and validated — by others and myself.”

“I knew immediately I needed to do this work. (I got over any guilt about investing in my self-growth a long time ago)!

Right away, the container of community and sisterhood in which we were all held, got me unstuck. I was a feminine leader who forgot to nourish myself! My work was very fulfilling, but I had been just doing, doing, doing all the time so my soul felt tired.

I now make strong decisions from my intuition. I can finally let the people in my life support me. And I even found the courage to consciously ‘uncouple’ with my husband of 17 years.”

Luanne Simmons
Women’s Empowerment and Business Mentor / Master palm-reader
Melbourne, Australia

“After decades of attracting ‘losers,’ I fell madly in love with an amazing man.”

“I punished my body with every bite I took and every mile I ran. I ‘phoned in’ most workdays. I was miserable on my search for happiness.

I was very skeptical of ‘Feminine Genius’ at first, but I decided to take a leap, leave my job, give up control, and start my life. Which is when, after decades of attracting ‘losers,’ I fell madly in love with an amazing man. I can receive all he has to give while still keeping all my strengths.

I look in the mirror and I like what and who I see. I now teach dance classes so I spend my days literally laughing my ass off. I feel like a million bucks, so investing in Feminine Genius — and in myself — has been priceless!”

Shelley Nielsen
Formerly: Head of Advertising, Strategic Accounts – eBay
Currently: Risk-Taker, Love-Maker, Booty-Shaker
Tahoe, CA

“I went from constant frustration to feeling consistently wealthy, vibrant, and clear.”

“I looked at the way LiYana works — allowing versus forcing, trusting her internal navigation even when it isn’t easy, and still living a full, pleasurable life — all of this had me say, ‘This woman walks her walk. I want what she’s got. Take me there.’

At the time, I was doing work that felt unfulfilling; I resented my clients, was annoyed with my workload, and struggled to make ends meet.

Through working with LiYana and embracing the principles of Feminine Genius into my life and my work, I now not only LOVE LOVE LOVE my business and the work I do, I make great money and am able to travel 30 weeks of the year enjoyably. Working with LiYana is a game changer!”

Wendy K. Yalom
Personal Branding Photographer / Jet-setting yogini
San Francisco, CA

Let’s recap, shall we?

What’s in Feminine Genius At Work

  • Eight video/audio training modules, which will take you step-by-step through the Feminine Genius Key Practices (with some surprises along the way, of course). You can always do it at your own pace, as well.
  • Transcripts of each training, so you can have in print what you’ll get in each video/audio.
  • Workbooks, worksheets, and exercises (downloadable) for each month’s module, to get you in clear action.
  • My day-by-day guide for Tracking Your Feminine Genius Cycle, so you can track your moods and energy levels and manage your time, schedule, priorities, and self-care.


What’s in The Deep End community

  • Private Facebook group to connect with the other women going through the courses
  • My Embodiment Meditations, a set of foundational mini-practices to help you get out of tight spots and back into your genius, all day long
  • Sweet perks like a growing library of past classes & discounts on other courses I offer as well as 1:1 coaching (I heart this Community)!

We can’t wait to have you!

Just $299

through Monday, December 4

(normally $799)


When you press that handsome button above you’ll start right away living, loving, and leading with your Feminine Genius


There has never been a time like this when women are so able to bring their work into the world and do it leading with Feminine Genius.


We are innovating this. There’s no road-map.


And we are doing it, practicing it, and refining it TOGETHER.


We are learning from each other as we go.


We need your smart and savvy self, with your Feminine Genius as strong as your Masculine Genius already is, so that individually your work gets even richer and more robust and collectively we rise.



Does your Masculine Genius have some questions?


Don’t you worry, this Feminine Genius has a little logic to help you make the best decision for YOU.


Q: Hold up (says your Masculine Genius). Invest in feminine WHAT?

A: I know, I know, even after hearing about what Feminine Genius has opened up in the lives and work of real-life women, wouldn’t it make more sense to put your money into a business course? Or just keep it safely in your savings account? Well, here’s what:

Of course, there’s a time and place for straight business courses. And for padding your savings account.

And yet, what’s needed now may not be another proven blueprint, more information, or a better strategy. Often those are just the same old tools that are just no longer working for us. And they might blind us to what truly is asking to be changed — like our mindset, our self-worth, and our self-trust.

What we are up to here is about something deeper and more valuable than tactics, something that can only be accessed with Feminine Genius.


Q: Are there scholarships available?

A: Yes, a limited number of reduced-rate scholarships are available. Women of color to the front of the line.

If that’s you, Contact Us and we’ll go over options and get you all sorted and set up.


Q: I’m a very busy person. How will I get this done?

A: I hear you, sister! The practical answer is that over our spacious 8 weeks together, I’ll be communicating with you regularly via email (and text, if you so choose) with gentle reminders and periodic love notes to keep you on track and inspired.

The modules and practices are broken down into short, bite-sized chunks so they go down easy as pie.

You’ll also likely start experiencing ah-has and shifts right out of the gate, which is kind of addicting (in a good way) and keeps you coming back for more. And, if you find that you want to do it more at your own pace, you can start strong, back off a bit, ebb and flow with it, and then come back full on again.

The other answer is this: Sometimes, we need to really look at what we carve out time for (and what we don’t) and perhaps ditch a thing or two that we don’t actually care that much about when we get right down to it. So there is room for US.


Q: What if I’m new to all this “Feminine Genius” stuff is this for me?

A: Yes, I designed it with you in mind, in fact!

It is perfect for someone who read my book and is just cutting their teeth on “Feminine Genius,” as well as for seasoned folks who want a refresher (as well as the support of a community who “get it”) to keep their inspiration high and their feet on the ground.


Q: Will I receive support?

A: Yes! Bring your questions to the private Facebook group, and tag me. (I’m actually in there, not an assistant).

If you haven’t experienced the kind of support that comes from being held aloft by an ocean of kindred women, you are in for a treat in The Deep End community.

And if you have questions about getting the course technology to work, my team and I are here to help. Once you’re in the course, you’ll find our Contact Us link at the bottom of every web page.


Q: How much does the course and community cost?


That’s it. No strings attached.


Q: I’d love to join, but not right now. (But maybe I’ll do it later).

A: Well, I’m not sure when or if I’ll offer this again, flash sale or no, so there’s no time like the present!

And, do let me ask: have you EVER circled back and said yes to something you originally said, “Maybe I’ll do it later” to? (Never? Rarely? That’s what I thought). So, if this truly isn’t calling to you, I suggest you turn that “maybe” into a clear no. Free yourself up to move on.

But if this IS calling to you, please ride the energy of your “yes” and join us.

It’s a pretty darn low-cost, low-stakes, high-value way to test out your YES.

Hey, you still here?  Oh, good.

Here’s a little about me — LiYana — your fearless leader.







I absolutely LOVE my Masculine Genius.


Over the last 20 years that I have been putting my work into the world, it has helped me to become a gifted coach for women, do some inspired speaking now and again, run transformational courses and in-person retreats, and keep my butt in the chair as I wrote my first book, titled — surprise! — Feminine Genius. (Which was nominated for Foreword Review’s “2017 Book of the Year” award).


I’m just very deliberate about balancing it all out by leading strongly with my Feminine Genius.


What Feminine Genius looks like in my life and work is that I have “plenty” — clients, income, support. And time. To dance, meditate, sometimes paint in oils, play with my kid, nurture my partnership, and generally eat sitting down.


I’m no longer trying to do it better than so-and-so, but clear about the unique value I offer.

I know what is (and is not) mine to do this lifetime.

And, I’ll also always be a life-long learner.


When my focus and productivity come easy-as-pie, it’s go-time. However, I know from lots of experience (ahem) that if I keep going when I would rather gnaw my own leg off than tackle a to-do, I’m headed for burnout or a health crash and it’s time to Back. Away. From The Laptop. (Which I just kinda muddled through when I was a spring chicken but now that I’m 50 and a mama of an elleven-year old son, no way.)


Of course, now and then I gotta give a massive push to get my work-baby into the world. But because I can still crack jokes in the face of a deadline, I know Feminine Genius is afoot.

“I’m clear about the work I’m truly meant to do.”

“I used to binge eat and drink under stress, feeling, ‘things will run out, there isn’t enough, I’m not enough, so I need to fill up on this because who knows when the next great thing is coming?’

That part of me is still there, but instead of being a wild, crazy force, subverting so much of what I was trying to create in my career and life, she an amazing partner to me and a fabulous source of energy.

Through doing this work with Feminine Genius, I know that I can trust myself with myself and that life is up underneath me, supporting my greatest unfolding. I have far more strength and grit than I realized. I have access to a source of inner wisdom I didn’t know I had. I’m a better communicator and make great choices. I believe that I am whole … and from this, everything that I want and need can flow.”

Kavita Arora
Mother / Wife Intuitive Business & Life Strategist for Women Leaders
Orange County, CA

“I now feel at home in my own skin.”

“I always knew I had this kind of power, but it would come and go. Now I have complete access to my inner guidance, and it blows me away each time I hear it and follow it.

That key aspect of Feminine Genius has helped me leave a wrong-fitting relationship and create a beautiful marriage and baby with a man I am clear is my life partner.  I also brought this ‘new way’ of working into my business that’s growing so incredibly — from three on staff to now over fifty, and from a few hundred thousand a year in revenue to now just over five million — that I might have to rename it an empire! Instead of the dread I used to feel about my on-stage presentations and performances, they are a joy.”

Carey Peters
Co-founder and CEO, Health Coach Institute
New bride & new mother
Chicago, IL

More from women living, loving & leading with Feminine Genius

“I feel clear, confident, and worthy of respect, even in my male-dominated workplace.”

“Working with the US military — an extremely male-dominated environment — it’s an understatement to say that I felt anxious and uncomfortable in my skin. I am a smart cookie, but I had a constant stream of self-criticism telling me I was not ‘assertive’ or ‘masculine’ enough and unworthy of voicing my opinions.

Part of me doubted that the answer was Feminine Genius! But as I got more in tune with my feminine energy, everything started to shift in a non-scary, non-invasive way. I sit up taller, feel worthy of respect, and know my contributions are valuable, even under the pressure of reporting to top officials in the military.

And perhaps not surprisingly, I got an unexpected bonus and a raise, and was asked to lead an initiative for women’s leadership in my firm. I found my voice to leave a stifling relationship and courage to feel okay ‘alone.’ Six months ago, if you had told me this would be my life, I wouldn’t have believed it.”

Allison Bondanza
Clinical Psychologist for the Department of Defense
Washington, D.C.

“I can say honestly for the first time that I love my life!”

“Despite having the partner, the house, the community, the stuff, the career … I felt incomplete, unsatisfied, numb, itchy, and impatient. LiYana helped me to start listening to myself with such grace that I had the room to do my (inner and outer) work in a way that really honored me.

Whereas I used to feel that I had to control myself, my life, and everyone in it, I have a sense of partnership with life now. We are in cahoots! I have connected to my purpose, have ended (or adjusted) relationships, and enjoy (rather than endure) my workday. I had a perfectly fine life before.

I now have an extraordinary life filled with light, love, adventure, giggles, and passion.”

Corinne Sheltren
Project Management Consultant
Mendocino, CA

Let’s do this, sister.

DESIGN: Chelsea Brady of 7th Sight / Susan Lee of Brand Maven
PHOTOS: Wendy Yalom Photography