Source Your Inner Authority
Let Loose Your Desires
& Create an Intentional Reinvention

Six months of masterminding & magic with LiYana Silver

Who you will become in this next chapter of your life
and how you will shape your corner of the world
depends on you being grounded in your Feminine Genius
— a state of skill, self-confidence, self-trust, and sensual aliveness.

Give me six months of masterminding — well, mistress-minding! — and I’ll guide you there:

Yourself. Shameless. Authentic. Radiant.

Grounded in your power, your body, your heart, your dreams.

Guided by intrinsic self-worth.

Stripping away what no longer fits you.

Held by a small group of sisters, deeply committed to your unfurling.

Blazing remarkable trails into your life and work.

Living the most awake, alive, aligned version of yourself.

Becoming the woman you’re meant to be.


However, when it comes to your Reinvention, 
you can’t just slap on a fresh coat of paint and hope for a “new you.”  

If you aren’t intentional as you reinvent yourself and your life,
you’ll do so based on your past, self-limiting beliefs.
Based on what your logical mind or other people
or our very confused culture THINK you should do and be.

And then, instead of a Reinvention, you’ll have a re-enactment
— of all the same shit (with a fresh coat of paint on it).

But not if I have anything to say about it.

Early enrollment is now open!
With bonuses, discounts & extended payment plans.

Here’s what we’ll be getting up to

Revise your self-limiting beliefs

Let’s say, when you were little, you could sense how overwhelmed and distracted your family was. You figured out that if you were “good,” and didn’t have any needs, didn’t speak up, didn’t take up much space, and weren’t a “burden,” then maybe they’d see you, love you, and cherish you.

So you developed the belief that being needless and voiceless is the way to feel lovable.

Or let’s say, when you were little, you sensed your parents’ disappointment at your birth “not another girl, we SO hoped for a boy.” You figured out if you worked twice as hard as the guys and gave twice as much, you might be able to prove how smart and acceptable you really are.

So you developed the belief that overworking, over-giving, and over-functioning is the way to feel valuable.

Or let’s say, when you were little, your caregivers were outright abusive and dangerous. You learned to scan your environment for possible threats and be ready to leave your body at a moment’s notice.

So you developed the belief that anxiety and hyper-vigilance are the way to feel safe.

Totally raw deals that leave you with painful beliefs about yourself, your body, your worth, about love, and about life, and that put limits on your true Self.

Self-limiting beliefs are the birthplace of all the shit that we are all SO ready to be done with:

Second-guessing. Perfectionism. People-pleasing. Self-Criticism. Self-Doubt. Co-dependence. Over-functioning. Workaholism. Putting everyone’s needs above our own. Not speaking up. Constantly proving ourselves. Never-enough-ness. Fear of intimacy. Fear of abandonment. Fear of being smothered. Suppressing certain emotions. Losing ourselves in relationships. Never rocking the boat.

But all of this is completely revisable.

This is the heart of our one-on-one work.

Because guess what? You GET to stop efforting to hold everything in place. You GET to live without the constant thrum of anxiety. You GET to love with your heart open, your body confident, and your words coming out strong, yet soft.

You GET to know yourself as smart and valuable and lovable and seen and special and enough and whole and safe and joyful and magnificent, as natural as breathing.

“My entire life I struggled to love myself on a deep level. LiYana’s program shifted this, as well as many other beliefs embedded in my psyche and body.”

“When I entered this program, I was reeeally hard on myself all the time. My inner voices were pretty cruel, I was jealous, afraid of what others thought of me, and afraid of being alone. I was lacking confidence and unsure how to face and shift many limiting patterns and conditioned beliefs. 

Nine months after the program, I felt renewed and whole and worthy. Little did I know that I would need and rely on LiYana’s teachings time and again. Like when my partner and I tried unsuccessfully for 2 years to get pregnant. Like when my pregnancy was joyous and smooth, but the birth of my son was traumatic. Like when, in the 2.5 years following that, I found myself in a deep, depressed, dark night of the soul — the most challenging to date.

My journey has been raw and not linear — and yet, I’ve come to understand intimately the beautiful gems in the darkest parts of myself. 

You see, this is where LiYana shines. THIS is her specialty. She dives in with you — deep. She’s masterful in navigating you through the places where you feel trapped, ugly, wrong, crazy, enraged, or depressed. And she’s a genius in the realm of reinvention, a trusted soul sister who helps you remember who you ARE, and who is there by your side when you forget. 

I’m back in the light for now. I currently love where I’m living with my partner and 3 year old son. I am diligent about my self-care — a fierce, devotional, sacred form of self-love. I’m aware of my strengths, I live with intention, and I have my inner wisdom to guide me. My life is not perfect, and yet I feel equipped to handle any great challenges that come my way. 

I am not the same person I was before I met LiYana.

If any of this resonates with you, trust that you’ve found this page for a reason. You’ve found LiYana for a reason. She’s an incredibly gifted guide for transformation, a trustworthy and loving holder of your truth. She has meticulously honed her inner wisdom and she will guide you to connect with yours.”

Jennifer Zlaket
Certified iRest Meditation Teacher and Mindfulness Coach
San Pedro La Laguna, Lago Atitlan, Guatemala

Own your sexual power

We can all feel in our bodies the connection between our sexuality and our power, between our sexuality and our fire,  between our sexuality and our intuition — even if our minds might freak out a little at the thought.

The energy of your sexuality (and sensuality) is the energy of vitality. Creativity. Inspiration. Knowing. Raw power.

And what woman hasn’t had her sexuality silenced? Or shamed? Exploited? Violated? Feared?

But when you own it, when you reclaim what was taken from you, you tap into the wildly-loving power that fuels all of life.

And then comes your swagger. Your radiance. Your Womxnhood.

And then, there you go, letting your Holy Hunger lead you.

“I now know myself to be a beautiful, sexy goddess at any size. My body is genius, as well as my brain.”

“I came into this program thinking small and feeling small, yet also feeling like I was “too much.” My body felt like a burden or an ugly hunk of clay. I had no idea of how to revive and feed my creative fire.

It was a huge financial stretch for me to invest in this program. But it has connected me to my power, joy, and deep desires — and has helped me recover from alcoholism, an eating disorder, depression, and panic — so it has been worth every penny, many times over.

My body has become a wondrous instrument, strong and brave. I enjoy rather than avoid challenges. I now have BOUNDARIES. I trust my intuition to protect me and my loved ones, and also guide me toward the good and away from harm. My creative juices (and others!) are flowing again.  

And now, no matter where I am, I am at home.”

Amy Emmeline Splitt
Events coordinator / Visionary writer
Blacksburg, VA

Trust the Oracle Between Your Thighs

Do you stay or leave the relationship? Quit your job and strike out solo? Go on that second date? Eat vegan, macro, raw, or paleo? Homebirth or hospital? Stop talking to your toxic parent?

As women, we’ve been trained to override our bodies and our feelings and our inner authority and to let other people inform us on what is right for us. We’ve been Olympic-level trained at this.

But the truth is, you KNOW. Your Inner Authority is intact. It’s factory-installed. It works just fine, even if right now it feels elusive or lost, like some vestigial tail.

The truth is, you’ve got a compass that’s always pointing you in the direction of Your True North.

This compass is located in your sexual, sensual, creative center.

In our months together, you will reunite with your inner compass — which I call the Oracle Between Your Thighs — learn its language and build a deep mutual trust. 

Why Oracle? Well, when faced with life’s hardest, biggest choices, folks in the olden days used to head to the cave or the mountaintop to consult with the Oracle, who was considered to have the ear of — and be the mouthpiece for — the Divine. Although time has marched on, we are still taught that to get through to god we gotta have a middleman, and that we can really only trust an authority or an expert, never our own darn selves. But it turns out, you’ve got your very own Oracle, right inside you.

Why Between Your Thighs? Well, just like your mind knows, and your heart knows, and your gut knows, so do your Lovely Bits know. Even though you don’t need science to tell you what you can confirm for yourself in your own body, researchers now recognize that there is a closed system of information-sharing and nervous-system-regulation that runs between your brain and your reproductive organs.

All very useful to help you make choices you know are right for you. Be true to yourself. And guide your life with the same intelligent energy that makes life.

This is the case no matter how many or few of your reproductive organs you have, whether you are cis-gendered or trans, whether or not you identify as female, feminine, a woman, womxn, womxxn, gender non-binary, or gender-fluid.

Divine guidance isn’t out there somewhere. It’s in you.

“I can now trust myself — I never used to feel this way!”

“In order to get everyone’s approval when I was growing up, I felt I had to cut off the parts of myself that didn’t fit. I used to binge eat and drink under stress, partly because those cut-off parts of me were starving.

Those parts of me are still there, but instead of being a wild, crazy force, sabotaging my career and life, they are amazing partners to me. And fabulous sources of energy.  

The turning point for me was when I began to feel a super strong connection to my body and her wisdom. I got access to a source of inner wisdom I didn’t know I had, that I now trust 100%.

I’m a better mom, a better wife, a better communicator. I’ve gotten clear on what programs to offer next to my clients. I make great choices. I have a sense of deep satisfaction with my life. I have far more strength and grit than I realized. I believe that I am whole … and from this, everything that I want and need can flow.”

Kavita Rani Arora, Esq.
Mother / Wife / Unconventional Business Strategist & Spiritual Catalyst
Orange County, CA

Navigate your Dark

Divorce. Health crisis. Betrayal. Self-betrayal. Becoming a mother. Not becoming a mother. Post-partum. Menopause. Perimenopause. Moving homes. Moving countries. Pandemic. Racial Reckoning. Death. Depression. Grief. Loss. Rage.

When the Dark descends, we think that if things have fallen apart so radically, it must be because we did something wrong. Because we are wrong. Failures. Frauds. Wanted too much. Didn’t work hard enough. Have fallen from Divine favor.

But the truth is, even though the Dark can be impossibly painful and disorienting, it isn’t a punishment. It’s an invitation.

An invitation to feel your feelings and not die from them. To discover the messages inside your emotions. (What the highly-unpopular ones like anger, grief, and depression have to say to you will blow your socks off.)

An invitation to strip away the bullshit so you can hear what’s true. Change the things about your life that are no longer working. Become a better friend to yourself. Re-encounter the sacred. Grow into the next, splendid version of you.  

Our culture at large, and even our well-meaning friends, families, and communities are often completely unaware of what is going on and what will actually help when we encounter the Dark.

Before you know how to navigate your Dark, you might feel like you are going crazy.

But after our six months together, you’ll know you are being reshaped.

The Dark is a holy place, even though it can hurt like hell.

“I can be compassionate toward myself — and like myself — even at my very worst.”

“The change of orientation that this work brings, has changed everything for me.  I’m not saying that as a hyperbole. I do a lot of different kinds of personal growth work, so it’s not always easy to figure out what is actually helping. But in this case, I can clearly see what has helped me change.

As I have been broke, overweight, depressed, even temporarily homeless, these principles and practices have helped me not just survive, but also to develop a loving relationship with myself and with life.

I never believed in a friendly universe and I do now. I no longer see myself as a project to fix. I have a greater connection with my clients. I don’t make myself smaller around other women.  I’m able to sit with my feelings instead of run from them or try to fix them right away. Ironically, I’m able to experience more pleasure and joy.

When I look at myself and my life through that lens, doing this work has been beyond worth it; it’s been priceless.”

Shadi Mogadime
Business Growth, Marketing & Sales Consultant for Mission-Driven Entrepreneurs
Toronto, Canada

Feel confident in your body

When I was first healing from eating disorders and people-pleasing and workaholism, my then-boyfriend asked me one day what I thought of a company he was thinking to buy. “What does your body say?” he asked me.

So I gave it a whirl and asked.

Me: “Hey, body, whatcha think?”
My body: “NO.”

My then-boyfriend didn’t listen to me, though, because from looking at the profit-and-loss statements and double checking the data, it looked like a great opportunity.

He soon discovered, however, that the company had lied. If the sale had gone through, it would have been a disaster.

“Holy shit!” I thought. “My BODY is tapped into a form of intelligence that all the logic and pie charts and graphs in the world don’t have access to.”

Listen, our minds love us. They are just not supposed to LEAD us. Our mind has gone a bit cuckoo doing a job that’s above its pay-grade.

Logic can limit us. Planning can put potholes our path. Trying to be ON all the time can take us off course.

Over our months together, you’ll learn how to spend less time in your head and more time in your body. 

You’ll cultivate a mind that’s more peaceful and friendly. Learn how to let your intuition lead and let your mind support. Feel at home in your skin. Stop with the shitty self-criticism. Be a good friend to yourself. Naturally ease up with numbing and addictive behaviors. Look in the mirror and like what you see. Rock the shit out of a new dress, a pair of old sweats, and everything in between. Know what you know, feel what you feel, and love what you love.

And you’ll learn to lead with that form of intelligence that all the logic and planning and willpower in the world don’t have access to.

“I now know nothing is — or ever was — wrong with me. I was just too busy to listen to my body.”

“I had gotten really good at running a highly profitable business, keeping on my son’s nap schedule, and making sure that the to-do list was handled, but my inability to enjoy and let go was causing fights and resentments with my husband. I used to second-guess myself about everything, fearing failure or embarrassment.

Now when I start to doubt myself, I use it as a sign to let me know I am on to something amazing, and I go for it! I understand more fully what it means to be — and do business as — a woman, to stay healthy amid my constantly-changing emotions, hormones, and cycles.

I discovered that I need spaciousness in my life in order to feel sexy. Our love-making has reached new heights and it feels so good to crave my husband. I now know that my marriage will last — where as before I was secretly worried.

LiYana helped me transform things that I have been working on in other growth and development programs for 10+ years. Everything I was searching for, I found within me.”

Angelina DeWeese 
Soul Purpose Business Coach
1 husband + 2 kids + 3 businesses in a house by the sea
Carmel, CA

Create an intentional Reinvention

Oh, those times when we feel “something’s wrong here” but we freeze. When our guts say “leave!” and we stay. When we vacate our bodies because the panic gets too big to handle. When we deflect a compliment by pointing out one of our flaws instead.

In order to deal with some shitty personal circumstances and some shitty cultural conditioning about being a woman, our freezing, staying, dissociating, or demurring became ways to survive. And thank goodness.

However, along with that, we’ve learned how to do some serious by-passing.

By-passing of our Feminine Genius. Our intuition. Our bodies. Our feelings. Our desires. Our soul. Our need to rest and to retreat. Our need to run our greatness like a racehorse.

And so, the time has come to learn some skills that work better than by-passing. Skills that are honed in the forge of the Feminine.

The Feminine flexes her muscles through your body. Your gut instincts. Your intuition. Your ability to ask for and receive help. Owning your wild sweet sexy. Your fierce longing. Your wholeness and happiness. Your HELL NO and your HELL YES.

You don’t need a new you. The true you works just fine, thank you very much. Let’s give her the steering wheel.

I know that steering your life from the wisdom of your body and the genius of the Feminine is a radical proposition. Ra-di-cal!! There are few people or places in the world that think this is a good, safe, or serious idea. But sister, they are blinded by a world built by and built for the Masculine.

But I know, and you will soon come to know, beyond a doubt, that there is simply no better way to help you become who you are aching to become and do what is yours to do this lifetime.

The Feminine will be your wing-woman for your intentional Reinvention.

“After I completed this experience with LiYana, I didn’t even recognize myself.

“Before I landed in LiYana’s loving presence and mentorship, I was disconnected from my body, was healing from a difficult past, and had been in quite a long dark night of the soul.

The container of the program was exquisite. LiYana is the real deal and curated the experience to touch the parts of me that needed love the most. I learned to trust my intuition, feel more safe in my body, feel the presence of the nourishing feminine, and feel a profound hope in my heart that my life would be filled with love again.

I learned to share my deeper self with other women in a more meaningful way than the social norms of competition and comparison. I made life long friends and am deeply grateful.

My capacity to experience pleasure, connection, love, and goodness in my life has increased a thousandfold, and continues to increase.

There is no way to put a price on healing the wounded feminine within the heart, soul, mind, and body of a woman. I would do this program over again double.”

Nandi Hetenyi, Psy.D.
Psychospiritual Healer and Writer
Oakland, CA

Here’s how we do it


We’ll be combining the depth of individualized 1:1 work with the power that comes from gathering as a group.

We’ll be mixing the versatility of virtual meetings with the joy of getting together in person.

And we’ll be marrying paradigm-shifting ideas with transformative embodiment practices.


Six months of my seasoned expertise & loving attention

From June to November 2023, you’ve got me body and soul as your sherpa, doula, brow-mopper, and transformation concierge. However, if you join before December 9, 2022, we can start even earlier with bonus private coaching.

June 7 – November 1, 2023


Five days in-person retreat

Asheville, North Carolina: For five days in the bosom of the sacred Blue Ridge mountains, we’ll wake up, turn on, and bow down to our Feminine Genius. We will Reclaim, Revive, Reinvent, and Reconsecrate the divine ground of our bodies, our lives, and ourselves.

Lunches and snacks included (non-inclusive of lodging, travel, transportation, or other meals).

Tuesday – Saturday, July 11 – 15, 2023 

A note about Covid-19: We will adhere to federal, state, and county guidelines for gathering safely, protecting not only our group but also the wider community. Since the landscape of this pandemic changes quickly, the specifics of all this will be laid out clearly a few weeks before each retreat. Should travel and/or gathering in groups become unsafe, we will adjust the retreats to happen virtually (and still sumptuously).


Seven 1:1 Belief Revision coaching sessions

20 years’ worth of my seasoned expertise, steadfast support, and breakthrough methodology poured into each session. By phone or video conference. One session every two-three weeks, spaced throughout our six months together. Up to 85 mins each. Belief by belief, we’ll walk you intentionally into your Reinvention. 

We can start as early as May 2023


Eleven Feminine Embodiment masterclasses

All together as a group, we’ll meet online by video conference, for two weeks of each month, for up to 90 minutes.

I’ll lead you through perspectives and practices to ground you in your Feminine Genius. You will learn how to align with your cycles, prioritize your pleasure, dignify your desires, trust your inner authority, see your beauty, navigate your dark, revive your sensuality, and commune with the Oracle Between Your Thighs. We’ll have some guest luminaries, as well, who embody Feminine Genius in unique ways that inspire me greatly.

12pm Eastern time (USA) on Wednesdays, June 7, 14 & 21, July 5, August 2 & 9, September 6 & 13, October 4 & 11, and November 1, 2023


Four mistress-minding / group coaching sessions 

All together as a group, we’ll meet online by video conference, for one week of each month (except our retreat month), for up to 90 minutes.

This is your time to gather ’round the fire; receive my focused attention, guidance, and strategy; and be held by the power of a group of women deeply invested in your becoming. Get the fertile support and momentum you need to set in motion your reinvention.

12pm Eastern time (USA) on Wednesdays, July 19, August 16, September 20, and October 18, 2023


One group of like-hearted sisters, held and led by me

This is a sister-circle of women, deeply invested in revivifying, revising, reinventing, and being in fierce, loving support of each other. As a group, we will connect in our online masterclasses, mistress-minding/group coaching sessions, our online Slack group forum, and at our retreats. 

June – November 2023 (and beyond)


Goodies, materials, and bonuses

I can’t reveal all my secrets, but you’re going to love what I have up my sleeve!


Early enrollment bonus, discount & extended payment plan option

When you’re planning NOW what support you want for your NEXT YEAR and enroll early, there are some sweet things coming to you:

*  Bonus #1: One 90-minute 1:1 Belief Revision coaching session with LiYana, use any time between January – May 2023
*  Bonus #2: Monthly 60-minute group coaching calls with all early birds and LiYana, December 2022 – April 2023
*  Discount of $1,000 for early birds!
*  Option for an extended payment plan which means your monthly payments could be as low as $650 – $1,500/month.

Apply before December 9, 2022


Join me and a small group of extraordinary women for an immersive journey of Reinvention:

Six Months of Mistress-minding & Magic with LiYana

Revise your self-limiting beliefs
Let loose your desires
Trust the oracle between your thighs
Own your sexual power
Navigate your dark
Feel confident in your body
Create an intentional Reinvention

Early enrollment is now open!

Bonuses, Discounts & Extended Payment Plans available with monthly payments as low as $650/month

Apply before Dec 9, 2022

What our next six months together will look like

Allow me to walk you through the journey of our time together.

Our one-on-one work

Belief by belief, we’ll walk you triumphantly into your Reinvention.

It is my honor to help you make sense of what has crumbled, and to transform family wounds, cultural conditioning, and inherited trauma. It is my joy to remind you of who you ARE, to guide you where you want to go (and beyond), to never let you settle for less than your magnificence, and to help facilitate your Reinvention.

We’ll meet on the phone or by video conference about twice a month, for our 85-minute deep dives. We’ll create an agenda of what beliefs you wish to revise, and use that as our road-map as we go. I’ll suggest some to add as well, that might be hiding out in your blind spots.

And, our work is always flexible enough to include the spontaneous and immediate stuff that comes up whenever it darn well feels like it. You’ll have (optional) “home play” in between sessions, so you can actualize in your external world the changes we are making in your internal world.

{If you are new to me, scroll down to the bottom where I’ll open my kimono and share all about me}.

We’ll make more lasting changes throughout our months together than is often experienced through years of therapy. Even though it is relatively swift, it’s not a make-over (remember, we’re not slapping a fresh coat of paint on you).

However, taken from the mouths of past participants, here are some of my favorite Before-and-Afters. (If they aren’t yet yours, they soon will be.)

Before: I can’t ask for what I need.
After: My desires are the answers to someone’s prayers.
Before: I don’t have a voice. 
After: It’s safe to be seen. People can’t wait to hear what I have to say.
Before: I have to do it right.
After: I must do what’s right for me.
Before: I don’t know my purpose.
After: I know what is (and is not) mine to do this lifetime.
Before: I am qualified to lead even though I’m a woman.
After: I’m qualified to lead BECAUSE I’m a woman.
Before: Unless I hold it all in place, I’ll lose everything.
After: I trust life. I trust myself.
Before: I’m not good enough.
After: I am whole and I am home.
Before: I don’t belong.
After: These blazingly powerful women? I take my place in our circle.

Our Retreat

Let’s gather in the flesh, shall we?

We’ll meet for the first time in person, connect in sisterhood, and revive, reclaim, reconsecrate, and reinvent in the fertile bosom of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Asheville, North Carolina, a power spot known to nourish and revitalize those who come and sit for a spell.

In the arms of the Great Mother Mountains and guided by my reminders, “It’s good to feel good” and “Your hunger is holy,” we will dive deep into the principles and practices of Feminine Genius: pleasure, trusting yourself and your body, and getting your own Inner Masculine in devoted service to your Inner Feminine.

We’ll also (re)introduce you to the genius of your body … maybe you thought you were driving around a rusty tricycle but actually a woman’s body is a precision Tesla. Get you the sex re-education I wish every girl and woman could receive. Have you meet new facets of the Oracle Between Your Thighs, your compass for inner guidance, personal boundaries, and deep joy. Melt and strengthen you with sensual movement classes (no experience necessary).

Any shyness around the other women will gently evaporate and you’ll start to feel like you’re in a group of sisters-from-another-mother.

However downtrodden you might feel coming in, you can expect to feel clear-eyed, connected, juicy, confident, and lit-up as you head back into your life.

Lunches and snacks are included, but not lodging or travel.

We’ll be moving, meditating, and mending, In the loving presence of the Feminine Divine, we’ll be doing practices, discussions, rituals, dancing, inquiring, putting pen to paper and writing.

We’ll be making friends with your greatest doubts and fears — and your deepest desires. Learning how to love yourself even in rough times. Discovering how to decode the wisdom of your emotions. Refining your intuition. Finding your voice — and using it.

And in the cauldron of sisterhood, seal in and set into motion your intentional Reinvention.

Our Online Masterclasses

Can computer screens become sacred space? You bet your bottom!


Just enough Zoom to connect us from wherever we are in the world.

Led by me, these online masterclasses are where we will first meet each other as a group and then conclude our journey together. In between, we’ll dive into the foundational principles and practices of Feminine Genius that will guide us through our six months together, and that we will build upon at our retreats.

You’ll leave each class with a radical, fresh perspective on your body and your potential, as well as small practices to bring into your day-to-day. Join from anywhere on the globe, whether you are well-put-together or a big hot mess.

Plan on moving the mountains you need to move in order to be live on all the classes. (However, when life is life and you must miss a class, or when you wish to review, all classes will be recorded).  

Channel Your Inner Oracle

Remember those “inner compass,” “divine guidance,” and “between your thighs” parts? Time to go there! You’ll learn the science and research that confirms the connection between your brain, your soul, and your (female) lovely bits. You’ll learn the unique language of your Oracle, so you can source your inner guidance. Know in your heart of hearts what you want and need. Separate fear (and anxiety, worry, and doubt) from intuition. Trust your gut (even when other people think you’re nuts). Develop clear boundaries. Feel connected to the Divine. And make choices that are right for you.

Align With Your Feminine Cycles

Even though dominant culture tells us we are valuable the more we go-go-go, you’ll learn the power of ebb-and-flow. You’ll start by tracking your energy levels, thought-patterns, and emotions. So you can work with (rather than against) your ups and downs — for graceful time-management, organization, and self-care. Stop overriding your body. Heal your addiction to overworking and over-giving. Rest and rejuvenate without feeling guilty. Discover the best times to put the pedal to the metal. And live like you’ve got plenty of time.

See Your Beauty

We have been taught about our beauty from those who cannot see their own beauty, let alone the true beauty of a woman. The eyes with which we perceive ourselves have been conditioned to flaw-find with every glance in the mirror. But you have another set of eyes that are designed to see true beauty, yours and all of ours. These eyes gaze with reverence and delight. These eyes comprehend wholeness and worth. With some practice, seeing yourself and all of us this way becomes your new default. What you appreciate, appreciates.

Navigate Your Dark

As I see it, one of the root causes of human suffering is that we do not know how to work with our emotions. This class will teach you how. You’ll learn why emotions show up in the first place and how to survive their strong storms. Discover the core messages inside tough feelings like anger, grief, anxiety, shame, and depression. So you can be kind to yourself and stay in your body when things get intense. So you can show up and speak up, even when things get difficult. So you can trust your feelings, trust yourself, and trust life.

Dignify Your Desires

Can you really trust the hungers of your wild, lustful body? The short answer is yes. The long answer is, welcome to this masterclass! Although you may have been trained to ignore your body, you’ll get clear about what you need. Although you may have been trained to see your desires as selfish, you’ll learn how they actually make things better for everyone. Although you may have been trained to see your desires as dangerous, you’ll learn how to distinguish a healthy desire from a toxic one. So you become clear about your next steps and able to seduce others along for the sweet ride.

Prioritize Your Pleasure

Even though world may assure you your body is bad, the natural joy of your body knows that it is good to feel good. You’ll begin by learning the connection between pleasure and confidence, and between pleasure and productivity. You’ll research which actions and attitudes make your engine purr. So that you can feel confident in your body. More easily hear your intuition (stress is loud, yo!). Feel more creative and inspired. Practice the secrets of magnetism and charisma. Experience less suffering and more satis-freakin’-faction.

Our group

The glue of this program is sisterhood.  

Our group is made up of a circle of women who will celebrate your light as well as your dark, gently reflect your blind spots, not bullshit you, be gentle and loving, and be deeply invested in your radical Reinvention. As a group, we will connect in our online masterclasses, our online Slack group forum, and at our retreats.  

Note: At times, your fellow tribes-women might seem so magnificent, accomplished, and wise that you might feel small and lame in comparison. We all experience this. It’s a left-over, stale AF gift from dominant culture that we will be tossing on the compost pile throughout our time together.  So that instead of shrinking, you’ll learn how to get yourself lit off of another woman’s brilliance.

Oh, and another note: If you are feeling a draw to this program but are doubting if you are “cool enough” to be let into this “cool club” of “cool women,” you are. You are plenty cool.  

I already know you are magnificent, accomplished, and wise even if you may be tempted at times to downplay and doubt yourself. Your desire to be a part of this program means you belong in this group. We can’t wait to have you.

“I am bonded to this group of women through immense trust and understanding. They are now an extension of family, in my life forever.”

“At an early age I had learned that the feminine parts of myself were weak and to be considered strong and worthy I needed to be more like a man. Now I know what it feels like to derive my strength from my feminine power and. I. Love. It. Watch out world!

LiYana creates a sacred, gentle and safe space where we could experience the deepest healing. She has a way of playfully teasing out our hidden parts that were too scared to show up before. She is a fu*king rock star! And I do not say that lightly.

I can’t forget to mention how amazing it feels that I have established a deep connection with a community of empowered women. For years I have shied away from female friendships because I didn’t know how to trust or be supported by other women. Well, now I know.”

Tiffany Box
San Francisco sometimes / Hawaii other times

So, the short list



  • Six months of my seasoned expertise & loving attention within a strong, sacred container


  • Seven deep-dive Belief Revision private coaching sessions


  • Eleven Feminine Embodiment masterclasses with me & some guest luminaries


  • Four Mistress-minding/Group Coaching sessions with me


  • Five-Day in-person retreat in Asheville, North Carolina (lunch & snacks included; not inclusive of travel, transportation, meals, or lodging)


  • Private online group Slack channel and virtual support in between classes/retreats


  • Bonus #1: One 1:1 90-minute Belief Revision session (when you join early by December 1, 2022)


  • Bonus #2: $1,000 Discount and extended payment plan (when you join early by December 1, 2022)


  • Goodies & surprises (I can’t reveal all my secrets!)


  • Limited to a total of 13 women

Let’s see if we are a great fit, shall we?

Applications are now open.

Er, application?

Yep. Here’s why: This program asks both you and me to make a significant investment of time, energy, love, focus, and funds.

The application process allows both you and I to see if we are a great fit, so we can both be a clear HELL YES.

The application process will look something like this: First, you’ll answer some questions about your goals, desires, challenges, and roadblocks, which should take you about 20 minutes. They’ll reach me through my secure server and I will hold them with respect and 100% confidentiality.

I’ll then be in touch to set up a time to talk by phone or video conference, and we will dive into it all in greater detail.  

When we talk, I’ll outline how this program will meet — and surpass — all you are wanting. You’ll get a felt sense for me and how I work. We’ll walk through the cost of the program including bonuses, discounts, and payment plans. We’ll get any last questions answered. And we’ll both leave with a clear “not a fit” or “hell, yes!”

Partial scholarships may be available. Women of Color to the front of the line. Let me know if this is you.

Applying in no way binds you to DO this mentorship program. Even if you don’t end up joining us, expect this process to be enlivening and enlightening. I can’t wait to hear from you!

This is a Reinvention sourced from being in your Body, trusting your Inner Guidance, riding the power of your Desires, being a Good Friend to Yourself, and letting your Feminine Genius lead.

No more bypassing our knowing.
No more overriding our bodies.
No more stuffing down our feelings.
No more thinking we’re crazy.
No more exhausting ourselves.
No more dimming our light.

Let’s set in motion your radical Reinvention.

So you can take up space.
Feel comfortable in your skin.
Trust yourself, your soul, and your sex.
Say what you have to say.
Know your value.
Own your swagger.
Live like you’ve got enough and are enough.

Move through your days like the blazingly powerful woman you are meant to be.

This Meant To Be mistress-mind WON’T make you (or your life) perfect or pain-free.
(You’ll get no magic pills, insta-makeovers, or rags to riches false promises here. Another way to describe the quest for Perfect-and-Pain-free is Shackles-and-a-Straightjacket).

This Meant To Be mistress-mind WILL make it impossible for you to feel truly lost, betray yourself, become blinded by perfectionism, or fully dim down your light, ever again.

This will be a Coming Home.
And Becoming Home.


Applications are now open.  

Let’s see if we are a fit.

Latest Issue of Cosmo$8

Brazilian Bikini Wax $80

A Year of Therapy … $8,000

Another Graduate Degree … $80,000

The Woman You’re Meant To Be Priceless

What about me?

Maybe you and I have known each other for years. Maybe this is the first you’ve heard of me and you’re curious. Or somewhere in between.


I’m LiYana. I help move people through the hardest shit of their lives and radically reinvent themselves, so they are clear who they are now, what they want now, and what they’re bringing into the world now.

Here’s some more about me … my dark nights, my bright heart, and my own Reinventions.

At 40-something years into my life, things were pretty peachy. Great relationship of over a decade, good health, lovely new baby, expansion in my business, beautiful community and friends.

And then one day in the middle of a bleak winter, the color drained out of my life.

All my life-long techniques for joy and positivity and motivation, stopped working. I had panic attacks by day and insomnia by night. I would get caught for days at a time in storms of anger, grief, depression.

I had crappy times before, of course, but this was different. My husband, friends, and community had little idea how to help and backed slowly away from me. Healer after healer plied me with expensive regimes and eventually threw their hands up as well. Everything I held sacred, caught fire and burned.

This lasted for a year. And then two. Of excruciating hell.

As I flailed about, I found a life-raft here, some driftwood there. I learned to re-find myself in an emotional storm. I found that each feeling had a startling message for me. I looked lucidly at the places I had betrayed myself, had muted myself, and had let myself run dry.

Eventually (long, long after the point which I thought I was sure I couldn’t take one more step), I emerged.

I emerged with an astonishing appreciation for and an uncanny ability to guide a fellow human through the brutal, loving process that is a Dark Night of the Soul and a Reinvention.

I emerged with a total and complete cease-fire of my life-long war with myself eating disorders, self-criticism, workaholism, and a deep sense of not-enough-ness, especially around other women.

I emerged with a clear partnership with the Feminine. A reverence for and confidence in my body. Able to hear my unique and quirky intuition and trust my gut instincts. Clarity about my desires, needs, and wants. Feeling connection with and supported by other women. Able to create some truly miraculous shit.

I did not emerge perfect, nor pain-free. Nor do I aspire to be.

I am whole. I am happy. I am a great friend to myself. I am guided by the Oracle Between my Thighs and as a result, my life is continually stripped bare of bullishit and increasingly, astoundingly juicy. I feel so deeply loved by Life that it brings tears.

I have Enough — love, friendships, clients, income, support. And even though my plate is quite full, time. Time to dance, meditate, sometimes paint in oils, play with my kid, educate myself on racial equity, be an advocate for healthy masculinity, tend to my windowsill herb garden, cook good food, and generally eat sitting down.

Over the last 20 years, I have immersed myself in Women’s Studies, holistic nutrition, Transformational NLP, Child Developmental Psychology, Compassionate Communication, neuroscience, Attachment Theory, trauma recovery, mindfulness, racial justice, reproductive justice, feminism, womanism, Vajrayana Buddhism, Vedic Tantra, and human sexuality. I stand gratefully on the shoulders of e.e.cummings, Pema Chodron, Audre Lorde, Mary Oliver, Anne Lamott, Carl Buchheit, Carla Camou, Riane Eisler, and Regena Thomashauer. I hold an undergraduate degree in Dance Studies, a Masters Certification in Transformational NLP, a 500-hour Vinyasa Yoga teacher certification, and am a Holistic Health Coach certified by the AADP.

All that has helped me to become a gifted coach for women, run transformational courses and in-person retreats, do some inspired speaking now and again, and keep my butt in the chair to write my first book, Feminine Genius: Waking Up and Turning On the Wisdom of Being a Woman, which was nominated for Foreword Review’s “2017 Book of the Year” award.

And then, guess what? Down into the Dark I go (again). Reckoning with another radical Reinvention (again).

But now, I have TOOLS. I have an embodied understanding that when things fall apart, I have not fallen off my path, it is a part of my path.

Now, I know a Reinvention is galloping (again) toward me on the horizon. I know how to listen, to surrender, to accept only Divine Appointments, and to drag myself up on the wild horse of my life, and to stay astride, wind in my hair and beauty in my heart.

I know who I am now, what I want now, and what I will bring to the world now.

My friend, our Fallings-Apart and our Reinventions don’t happen once and then we get to get on with our lives. This IS our lives.

This IS a life lived in deep partnership with the Feminine. This IS a life where you will be refined, again and again, into the next version of the true you — the you who is here to love what you love, feel what you feel, know what you know, and do what is yours to do.

Return to the top.

What do I mean by “Woman?”

By “Woman” I mean a person who has experienced misogyny.
We all live inside this dominant culture* that relentlessly devalues and controls women, girls, female bodies, female sexuality, those on the margins, queer and gender-non-conforming folks, and “feminine” qualities in all of us. 
This program looks all of that square in the face and offers you an alternative — a radically self-affirming, life-affirming path and perspective for your Reinvention.
In this program, we will:
— Dignify the identity of Woman. As people who either self-identify as a woman or are seeking to understand more fully the identity of “woman” that has been assigned to us, we’ll dignify what has been so devalued, revise beliefs about what is and isn’t possible for us, and decide what fits (and what no longer does) in our identity as Women. 
— Dignify our Bodies as they are, right now, period. Especially because they have been so denigrated, we need a deeper understanding of and reverence for female bodies, body parts, sensuality, and sexuality.
—  Dignify the Feminine, whether that shows up in us as a quality such as intuition or sensuality or as an archetype such as the Divine Mother or the Holy Whore. Because “feminine” energy and qualities aren’t second-class, they are genius. And having full access to them brings profound wholeness, self-trust, and clarity. 
—  Dignify our Sexuality. There’s a load of toxic bullshit around sexuality in general, and female sexuality specifically. And we need to unlearn it so we can have full access to our unique expression of sensuality, creativity, joy, and power.
This program is descriptive, not prescriptive. Meaning, I’ll give you lots of information, perspectives, and exercises, much of which may be in your cultural blind spot. But I won’t tell you how to be. 
This program is NOT about you contorting yourself to be some idealized version of Woman or Feminine. In fact, quite the opposite. I encourage you to take the gems you find, make your own crown, and you do you.
There’s no one right way to be you or to reinvent yourself, there is just YOUR way. 
There’s no one right way to become the woman you’re meant to be, there is just YOUR way.
* I often use the term “dominant culture,” to describe the set of interconnected social systems built around domination and oppression that we all operate inside of — and are simultaneously working to free ourselves from.
Another term for this is kyriarchy, the “father” all the other -archies and -isms combined, including patriarchy, hierarchy, heteronormativity, meritocracy, misogyny, racism, sexism, ableism, colonialism, classism, capitalism, perfectionism, white supremacy, homophobia, transphobia, etc. 
Whew. No wonder we’re all exhausted. Revision and Reinvention, anyone?

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