Stories of Reinvention

Note: The “Meant To Be” mastermind was previously called “The Embodiment Experience”

“The power of simply saying YES to myself (rather than everyone else) — that YES was the turning point.”

Investing in the Embodiment Experience was a vitalizing love letter to self and soul. It was both reminder and embodied remembrance that I am worth it, I am important, and I matter. 

Before this program I wasn’t trusting myself. Old doubts and fears were rearing their head and paralyzing me in key moments. I was getting overwhelmed to the point of shut down. Personally and professionally, I felt alone, isolated, tentative, and that I needed to do it all myself. 

The power of simply saying YES to myself (rather than everyone else) was a game changer. Saying yes I am worth it, yes I am ready to experience and create deep lasting change in my life — that YES was the turning point. 

The negative self destructive loops have turned way down. I don’t feel desperate, frantic, or like I’ll never reach my goals & desires. I feel solid. Centered in myself and my unique soul purpose. I feel clear about my own definition of success. And I trust myself to get there. I know that the work I am committed to, matters. I know my presence makes a difference.

Investing in myself in this way raised the bar. I recognize myself again, I know my gifts, and I feel a sense of worthiness deep in my bones.

Those of us who teach also need to be held strongly as we do our big work and dive deeper into who we are becoming. With LiYana and this diverse group she gathered, I was strongly held, fiercely encouraged, and unconditionally supported as I walked through the fire and reemerged with wings. 

I know now that I not only have the capacity to fly, but I am destined to. 

Tulasi Adeva
Somatic Therapist
Kauai, HI

“I can be compassionate toward myself — and like myself — even at my very worst.”

The change of orientation that this work brings, has changed everything for me.  I’m not saying that as a hyperbole. I do a lot of different kinds of personal growth work, so it’s not always easy to figure out what is actually helping. But in this case, I can clearly see what has helped me change.

As I have been broke, overweight, depressed, even temporarily homeless, these principles and practices have helped me not just survive, but also to develop a loving relationship with myself and with life.

I never believed in a friendly universe and I do now. I no longer see myself as a project to fix. I have a greater connection with my clients. I don’t make myself smaller around other women.  I’m able to sit with my feelings instead of run from them or try to fix them right away. Ironically, I’m able to experience more pleasure and joy.

When I look at myself and my life through that lens, doing this work has been beyond worth it; it’s been priceless.

Shadi Mogadime
Business Growth, Marketing & Sales Consultant for Mission-Driven Entrepreneurs
Toronto, Canada

“My entire life I struggled to love myself on a deep level. LiYana’s program shifted this, as well as many other beliefs embedded in my psyche and body.”

My higher self knew that saying YES to The Embodiment Experience would be the kind of gift that keeps on giving. 

When I entered her program, I was reeeally hard on myself all the time. My inner voices were pretty cruel, I was jealous, afraid of what others thought of me, and afraid of being alone. I was lacking confidence and unsure how to face and shift many limiting patterns and conditioned beliefs. 

Nine months after the program, I felt renewed and whole and worthy. Little did I know that I would need and rely on LiYana’s teachings time and again.. 

When my partner and I tried unsuccessfully for 2 years to get pregnant, knowing there was a little being waiting to be born through us, I found myself on my knees in quiet desperation questioning everything. I forgot. I forgot how to connect to my inner knowing. I forgot my power. I forgot how to access my life force energy. 

And then I came across my journal from my time in Woman: The Embodiment Experience, and I remembered. I prioritized my self care … and not just the ‘go take a bath’ kind-of self care. It was time for fierce, devotional, sacred self care that was necessary to make magic happen. A few months later I became pregnant naturally. 

My pregnancy was joyous and smooth, birth was not. My son and I went through a traumatic birth experience and the 2.5 years following I found myself in a deep, depressed, dark night of the soul — the most challenging to date. I forgot again. Trauma had it’s way with my knowing, my connection to myself, my light. 

During this time LiYana’s book, Feminine Genius, was published. It was the first book I read cover to cover since pregnancy. And once again, I remembered. Certainly not overnight — my journey has been raw and not linear — and yet, I’ve come to understand intimately the beautiful gems in the darkest parts of myself. 

You see, this is where LiYana shines. THIS is her specialty. LiYana is not afraid of the dark night of the soul. She dives in with you — deep. She’s masterful in navigating you through the places where you feel trapped, ugly, wrong, crazy, enraged, or depressed. And she’s a genius in the realm of reinvention, a trusted soul sister who will be there by your side when you forget. 

I’m back in the light for now. I currently love where I’m living with my partner and 3 year old son. I have to be diligent about my self care. My life is not perfect, and yet I feel equipped to handle any great challenges that come my way. 

I am not the same person I was before I met LiYana. I’m aware of my strengths, I live with intention, and I have my inner wisdom to guide me. 

If any of this resonates with you, trust that you’ve found this page for a reason. You’ve found LiYana for a reason. She’s an incredibly gifted guide for transformation, a trustworthy and loving holder of your truth. She has meticulously honed her inner wisdom and she will guide you to connect with yours.

Jennifer Zlaket
Certified iRest Meditation Teacher and Mindfulness Coach
San Pedro La Laguna, Guatemala

“I was a feminine leader who forgot to nurture myself.”

My first turning point was actually following my inner desire to do this program. And putting myself first for a change. 

I came in to the mentorship all the way from my home base in Australia. I knew because of the work I do with women I needed that too for my self. I got over the guilt in the amount I invest in my self-growth along time ago. The money always appears when I step up into that.

I was feeling over-worked and exhausted emotionally. My work was fulfilling but I had been just doing and doing and doing all the time. 

I was functioning well on the outside but on the inside I felt lots of inner turmoil. My soul felt tired, and my rocky marriage was really affecting my happiness. I just felt absolutely drained. My boundaries were not that great for those closest to me, expectations from others seeking my support on so many levels, barely leaving anything left for me.

My main belief — that I have to do all of this on my own — shifted, which meant I could stop re-enacting it over and over again. I now know that people are honored to help me on my mission. In fact, I can not do this without them and receiving their help lights us both up. Other people are here to celebrate me, and I them.

I now know that I am here to make big change in the world, by example. I stopped micromanaging my team, and they are happier and healthier as a result. 

I now make strong feminine decisions from my Oracle. I found the courage to “uncouple” with my husband of 17 years. This was the biggest decision I had to make trying while keeping the soul of my family intact.

The container of community and sisterhood in which we were all held, continually got me unstuck. All led by this woman, LiYana, who is so real and authentic, who shows us her humaness while being our fearless feminine leader. To me she reflects back to me my inner strengths and qualities. 

I love being in her presence. I consider her wisdom rare. And myself lucky to learn from her.

Luanne Simmons
Business Mentor & Global Goddess Gatherer
Melbourne, Australia

“I now know myself to be a beautiful, sexy goddess at any size. My body is genius, as well as my brain.”

I came into this program thinking small and feeling small, yet also feeling like I was “too much.” My body felt like a burden or an ugly hunk of clay. I had no idea of how to revive and feed my creative fire.

It was a huge financial stretch for me to invest in this program. But it has connected me to my power, joy, and deep desires — and has helped me recover from alcoholism, an eating disorder, depression, and panic — so it has been worth every penny, many times over.

I am in awe of how our work together has brought on a maturation and empowerment that I once believed I could never even approach.

My body has become a wondrous instrument, strong and brave. I enjoy rather than avoid challenges. I now have BOUNDARIES. I trust my intuition to protect me and my loved ones, and also guide me toward the good and away from harm. My creative juices (and others!) are flowing again.

I can sit with difficult emotions and allow them, even anger, and then turn them over and trust my Inner Feminine to discern, and my Inner Masculine to protect.  

To think I might never have met this circle of ingenious, courageous, beauteous women! The sister tribe calls and at the retreats gave me much-needed support. I came to understand that women who seem to have it all together are also struggling and healing, and that I have something to offer as much as they do.

I now believe in the power of my words. My writing and speech are transformative and healing, and great fun, too. I am not stuck. I can live and work anywhere. The world has a place for me, and the universe cannot wait to show me its wonders.

I’m still making progress, but I also understand that the journey is towards the good, then the better, not some idealized perfection.  

And now, no matter where I am, I am at home.

Amy Emmeline Splitt
Events coordinator / Visionary writer
Blacksburg, VA

“I can now trust myself — I never used to feel this way!”

In order to get everyone’s approval when I was growing up, I felt I had to cut off the parts of myself that didn’t fit. I used to binge eat and drink under stress, partly because those cut-off parts of me were starving.

Those parts of me are still there, but instead of being a wild, crazy force, sabotaging my career and life, they are amazing partners to me. And fabulous sources of energy. 

The turning point for me was when I began to feel a super strong connection to my body and her wisdom. I got access to a source of inner wisdom I didn’t know I had, that I now trust 100%.

I’m a better mom, a better wife, a better communicator. I’ve gotten clear on what programs to offer next to my clients. I make great choices. I have a sense of deep satisfaction with my life. I have far more strength and grit than I realized. I believe that I am whole … and from this, everything that I want and need can flow.

Kavita Rani Arora, Esq.
Mother / Wife / Unconventional Business Strategist & Spiritual Catalyst
Orange County, CA

“I feel like a million bucks, so the ROI (return on investment) was 1,000%!”

I came in to this mentorship so lonely, frustrated, and feeling like my life had no meaning. I had a really well-paid sales job which I “phoned in” most days. With every bite I took and every mile I ran I had a punishing relationship to my body.  

I desperately wanted to know what I am here on earth to contribute and yet I felt like I didn’t understand my passions, or even my likes. I was looking for a map to my Purpose, my Calling. I wanted a list of steps to take and an order in which to take them. Stat.

Quite honestly, I spent a good amount of time in the program feeling stuck — and frankly pissed about it. In the middle of one of our retreats, I was hit with the huge realization that my perfectionism was acting against me. It was killing every idea I would come up with or attempt I would try to make, because I felt if it wasn’t perfect, how could I go with it or trust it? 

I realized that my “purpose” is my happiness and my life is mine for the taking, imperfections and all. I so wanted to leave my footprint, but I see now that my very desire for a map wasn’t allowing me to take even one step.

Within months of completing the mentorship program, I decided to leave my job and San Francisco to start my life. The next move was still uncertain, but I made the leap and gave up control. 

And as soon as I did, I fell madly in love with an amazing man. I began teaching dance fitness classes and traveling. I’m no longer with him, but the internal shifts that allowed me to meet him and let him in, are permanently within me.

So what are those internal shifts? That the answers are in me. That my purpose isn’t hidden under a rock waiting for me to find it. That I have choice about how I feel, moment to moment. That I know whether I want something — or not.

I know how to be kind to myself. I look in the mirror and I like what and who I see. I feel like a million bucks, so the ROI (return on investment) was 1,000%!

Shelley Nielsen
Formerly: Head of Advertising, Strategic Accounts – eBay
Currently: Fitness-Instructor, Risk-Taker, Love-Maker, Booty-Shaker

“I used to feel that I had to control myself, my life, and everyone in it. I now trust my body and Life Itself — and what I get back is spaciousness, less suffering, and a whole lotta MAGIC!”

I sit here today, nearly a year after first meeting LiYana, and can say honestly for the first time that I love my life! How does it get any better than this? What else is possible?

In the time since entering in to the mentorship, I have been connected to my joyful purpose, have ended (or adjusted) relationships that no longer serve me, have fearlessly pursued that which makes my heart/mind/body come alive, enjoy (rather than endure) my workday, have had countless magical encounters, and have laughed and giggled more than the past 3 years combined!

When I found this program, I felt a disturbing level of numbness in my body and resultantly in my life. My life was fine and good, but felt incomplete, unsatisfied, itchy and impatient. Despite having the partner, the house, the community, the stuff, the career … I felt out of alignment with my own life and nothing that I was engaged in seemed to produce the shift I was calling for.

LiYana helped me to start listening to myself with such grace and love and ease that I had the room to do my work in a way that really honored me.

I also was so moved by the way in which LiYana shared herself, her life, her journey, her light and her dark so openly, as an offering to her fellow sisters on this path of opening.

I really got plugged into my JOY! My joy connects me in to the universal flow of this life — and hence, my purpose. The realization alone that fully taking care of me is actually a contribution to the world was worth the whole program!

I formed a new relationship with this super sweet, passionate, gentle, powerful body of mine. She is a powerful guide! SHE KNOWS! I must only listen, and listening I am.

I had a perfectly great life before. I now have an extraordinary life filled with light, love, laughter, adventure, passion, and desire. The investment in me and this sweet, gorgeous, yummy life of mine was SOOOOOOOOO worth it!

Corinne Sheltren
Seeker • Dreamer • Healer • Sister • Partner • Light Being
Resides where her heart lands

“Personal development at the speed of light. You can’t get this kind of feminine empowerment anywhere else.”

I just wanted to grow up. I’m 50. I wanted to feel like an adult — sure of myself, not living in fear of disapproval or dislike, able to make my own decisions and stand on my own two feet daily.

I have stopped second guessing myself based on someone else’s opinion. I no longer have the yucky, gut-churning feeling that I’m “in trouble” with others that would put me in a mental spin that was hard to get out of.

I’m more honest — like, really honest — about what’s going on with me. Both with myself and with others.

I belong. Everywhere. That’s really incredible for a woman who’s always felt like an outsider when in a group, even family most of the time.

I truly feel more adult. That poor little scared girl inside of me, who was seen and not heard, feels loved and nourished now. I no longer see myself as bothering people. Makes it easier to make phone calls, that’s for sure!

Being my own guidepost has given me a new level of self confidence. I am able to ask my Oracle when I need direction and stop long enough to truly listen.

I’d do the program again in a heartbeat. The amazing group of women, many of whom I am still in contact with regularly and I consider dear friends … the utterly transformational Belief Re-Patterning work … the special retreats … having access to LiYana’s business mind …

I like fast, efficient and easy. This program was that for me. The container created by LiYana and the group of WEE woman was, and is, nothing short of a miracle.

Tamara Cameron, CHC, LE, AADP
Optimal Health Coach and World Traveler
Las Vegas, NV

“I’m no longer obsessing how to heal my past wounds, find the perfect partner, or become a success. I am whole, I am happy, I am healed.”

I first encountered LiYana while I working as a health coach, starting a Masters of Acupuncture, raising my daughter as a single mother, and healing from a dark period in my past. I can not imagine being the woman and mother I am today without the miracle of LiYana’s masterful coaching helping me transform how I see and carry my life stories.

When I began the mentorship program, I was in a relationship with a man who I thought was my knight in shining armor. And yet, our great sex life was dwindling and I felt so physically terrible after every encounter that I thought I was beginning menopause. I had no time for play, felt un-aroused by life and that my essence as a juicy, playful woman was on hold.

And then I discovered he had been involved with someone else our whole relationship. What I thought was menopause and my own shortcomings I realized was my Oracle (my wise voice and internal guidance) telling me ‘Jen, there is no juice in this relationship.’ I chose to gracefully let the relationship go, realizing IT wasn’t juicy enough for me. For the first time in my life, I didn’t feel horrible when a relationship ended (and still don’t nearly a year later), because I came to know my body is wise, and I am tuned-in, sexy, and savvy.

I came in thinking I needed help and I needed to change. I left having been seen — powerfully seen — by a Magical group of women and LiYana’s beautiful leadership. What I thought were some of the most painful, harsh and unfair events of my childhood were actually the doorways to myself as a blessed, fully passionate and innocent woman.

Today I live and love like never ever before. Today I am woman. Period.

I roar, I cry, I laugh and I play. I stumble and feel crumbled in the dark and I am naked and beautiful under the sun. Money can not buy the life-transformation that I got from my investment in this program.

Jennifer Fanning
Owner of Jen 4 Health, Acupuncturist & Body Worker
Calls Washington D.C. home and plays and learns all over the world

“I now know nothing is — or ever was — wrong with me. I was just too busy to listen to my body.”

I had gotten really good at running a highly profitable business, keeping on my son’s nap schedule, and making sure that the to-do list was handled, but my inability to enjoy and let go was causing fights and resentments with my husband. I used to second-guess myself about everything, fearing failure or embarrassment.

Now when I start to doubt myself, I use it as a sign to let me know I am on to something amazing, and I go for it! I understand more fully what it means to be — and do business as — a woman, to stay healthy amid my constantly-changing emotions, hormones, and cycles.

I discovered that I need spaciousness in my life in order to feel sexy. Our love-making has reached new heights and it feels so good to crave my husband. I now know that my marriage will last — where as before I was secretly worried.

LiYana helped me transform things that I have been working on in other growth and development programs for 10+ years. Everything I was searching for, I found within me.

Angelina DeWeese 
Soul Purpose Business Coach
1 husband + 2 kids + 3 businesses in a house by the sea
Carmel, CA

“I am bonded to this group of women through immense trust and understanding. They are now an extension of family, in my life forever.”

At an early age I had learned that the feminine parts of myself were weak and to be considered strong and worthy I needed to be more like a man. Now I know what it feels like to derive my strength from my feminine power and. I. Love. It. Watch out world!

LiYana creates a sacred, gentle and safe space where we could experience the deepest healing. She has a way of playfully teasing out our hidden parts that were too scared to show up before. She is a fu*king rock star! And I do not say that lightly.

I can’t forget to mention how amazing it feels that I have established a deep connection with a community of empowered women. For years I have shied away from female friendships because I didn’t know how to trust or be supported by other women. Well, now I know.

Tiffany Box
San Francisco sometimes / Hawaii other times

“After I completed this experience with LiYana, I didn’t even recognize myself.

Before I landed in LiYana’s loving presence and mentorship, I was disconnected from my body, was healing from a difficult past, and had been in quite a long dark night of the soul.

The container of the program was exquisite. LiYana is the real deal and curated the experience to touch the parts of me that needed love the most. I learned to trust my intuition, feel more safe in my body, feel the presence of the nourishing feminine, and feel a profound hope in my heart that my life would be filled with love again.

I learned to share my deeper self with other women in a more meaningful way than the social norms of competition and comparison. I made life long friends and am deeply grateful.

My capacity to experience pleasure, connection, love, and goodness in my life has increased a thousandfold, and continues to increase.

There is no way to put a price on healing the wounded feminine within the heart, soul, mind, and body of a woman. I would do this mentorship over again double.”

Nandi Hetenyi, Psy.D.
Psychospiritual Healer and Writer
Oakland, CA

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